Institute for Falsification (IFF)
 OPENING & CLOSING RECEPTION: October 23rd, 6 - 9 PM
Selecto Planta Baja, Los Angeles
I know what you have been doing. And I think it’s not good.
You cannot give people false illusions as if they were real. That’s what falsification means, right?
One thing is counterfeiting legal documents: in the end, the State is even falser than your fake IDs, thus, false documents are way more real than the general structure they’re inscribed into.
But, come on… a wedding?
I will only marry for real love. I definitely won’t fake a wedding to show anything else than being in love. I really believe that every representation of love in the world should have to be true. Don’t you think so? We can cheat the government, but don’t cheat our own hearts.
Thari, I love you.
Please, marry me. I have seen that light in your eyes.
You don’t know me. We've never met before. But I see you from the distance and I know what I have to know. I don’t care about the distance,
I don’t care about the borders, I don’t care about the legal regulations as I don’t care about power structures. Citizenship doesn't mean anything to me. Love will save us from the demons of nationality, class, beliefs, and ethnicity.
Probably you can provide me with some fake documents, so we can meet in your country asap, faraway from everything.
And let sincere love grow.
All my sweetest,

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