Institute for Falsification (IFF)
 OPENING:  October 11-23rd, 2-7pm
Selecto Planta Baja, Los Angeles
Mac Arthur Park
The Institute for Falsification (IFF) champions the participatory rights of marginalized and partizipating individuals . The IFF is a community initiative of the Pro Counterfeiting IntelligenceBureau (PCIB),the Glo- bal Counterfeiting Group (GCG) and the European Office for Counterfeiting Trade Marks and Designs (EAMMF).Together with the Federal Ministry of Science and Forgery, we engage in inventive and powerful participatory media.
In the IFF, designated companies from different sectors engage in creating unfolding surroundings and a comprehensive security program for participants. The Institute of Falsification examines documents and artefacts regarding their production backgrounds and observes their market behavior.We allow citizens and non-citi- zens an intersectoral dialogue between relevant representatives of politics, philosophy and companies whose skills approach practical solutions and experiences.
We are offering free Citizenship Corners. Bring your own artefacts and documents. We would be very proud to have you counterfeiting with us. We are looking for you as experts for your personal needs.
If you have questions, proposals, or want to make an appointment, please send an email to:

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